Course Description

The PROFITS & GROWTH Program is designed to help both - solopreneurs AND owners of small companies - build strong foundations for long-term profitable growth. It's a solid investment in your future.

The free trial features a lot of valuable content - we want you to have a clear understanding of the results you'll get - before you make your decision.

This is an intensive course with a proven track record of delivering great business results. Participants should expect a practical step-by-step roadmap for building strong profitable companies - that works!.

It uses Rock Solid's Directly Applied Relevant Training (DART) approach. All of the projects you work on are designed to strengthen your company as you work on them. This is a quantum leap from courses that feature case studies from other companies. The projects are challenging and the business rewards start to flow as soon as you start putting the effort in.

The course makes the accurate metaphor that building a strong company is like solving a series of puzzles and problems. Then it leads you through a proven step-by-step process that teaches you how to find and implement the solutions that are right for your company.

It typically takes between 60 and 90 days to complete the PROFITS & GROWTH Program. It will extend your work hours at the beginning, but that effect will soon be offset by the efficiencies the program delivers. You'll be amazed by how much your company actually progresses during the time you're working on the modules.

The program includes 5 modules, a video series, a course 'textbook' ROCK SOLID - How to Strengthen Your Company by John Cameron, instructional PDF articles, a series of DART projects c/w templates, weekly on-line meetings, one-to-one support, and a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other company owners taking the training.

Please review materials and introductory videos in the free trial to discover how well the program can work for you!.

Rock Solid CEO

John Cameron

John Cameron has been a professional business coach since 2001. He also has a Business Degree from SFU and he's a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. John walked the walk long before he began coaching & consulting. His business career started in the late eighties as a solopreneur with a marketing company. His most notable client was the inaugural Globe 90 Conference on the Environment. John developed the corporate sponsorship program. The first conference in 1990 was a big hit and now a Globe Conference and tradeshow is held every second year in Vancouver BC. It's become the world's largest conference on sustainable business.Next he became a partner in the 4th Fastest Growing Business in Canada. This gives John a much better understanding of growth than most consultants or coaches.Following that he started his own contracting company - from scratch. During 5 years of profitable growth he built it up to 25 employees and then successfully sold it. In 2001 John was certified as a business coach & he went on to create Rock Solid Business Development Inc. that has helped literally hundreds and hundreds of business-people build strong profitable companies. John is British Colmbia's most experienced business coach.In 2005 he was nominated by Minister of Small Business to be a director on BC's official Small Business Roundtable. It's a volunteer position that he still holds: the mandate is to make BC the most small business friendly jurisdiction in Canada..Author of: ROCK SOLID - How to Strengthen Your Company Author of the soon to be published books: Company Strength in 2017 and Expectation Management about a year after that.Developer of the: Profits & Growth E-Learning Program.Developer of the: Company Strength Program, RS Management Training Program, and the RS Succession Planning Program

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